How Smart Lawyers
Become Successful Rainmakers
Without Losing Their Soul

Are you a law firm partner committed to growing your book of business?


Make It Rain Your Way
Business Development Program for Lawyers

Make It Rain Your Way is a group business development training and coaching program designed specifically for law firm partners. 

The program is based on  an award-winning business development curriculum, which was developed using 10 years of experience training and coaching hundreds of lawyers at AmLaw 100 firms on how to become effective rainmakers. 

Many lawyers, especially those who are more introverted and reserved, worry that they are not cut out to be a rainmaker.

But you don’t have to have a certain personality to be a successful rainmaker.

Nor do you have to change who you are or sacrifice your life to be good at developing business.

You just need to learn how to create your own business development process that utilizes proven strategies and leverages your own personality style and prioritizes your natural strengths.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t really believe that Make It Rain Your Way program would be much different from other business development workshops and programs. And before I participated in this program, I viewed business development as a “one-size-fits-all” activity and had concluded that I was not good at business development because I hated sales. For this reason, I did not expect to see concrete results so quickly. This is one occasion where I’m thrilled to report that I was mistaken on all fronts.

After our first group session, my view of business development had changed dramatically. I now understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to business development, and that one needs to develop an approach and style that fits one’s personality. I also discovered that one needs to make adjustments to that approach, depending upon the personality style of the prospect.

While this may sound theoretical, the program is anything but theoretical. From the first session, our coach provided pragmatic, strategic advice and recommended concrete action steps to take in order to achieve results.

Unlike other business development programs that rely on catch phrases and offer only vague, general guidance, this program offers concrete exercises that break down business development into manageable, concrete steps that one can easily and quickly take to improve one’s business development game and results. After attending this program, business development no longer felt so daunting.

As a result of implementing the recommended suggestions, I’ve generated new business from several existing clients and have developed and strengthened relationships with new prospects.

I highly recommend Make It Rain Your Way program.”

Ann Marie Zaletel, Esq, Partner | Seyfarth Shaw LLP | Los Angeles, CA

“To say that I am not a fan of aggressive self-promotion or being salesy is putting it mildly. But as a law firm partner, I also realize that business development success is critical to my career advancement.  Being part of this program has been an invaluable experience for me. I was able to develop rainmaking strategies that were not only customized to my practice area and geography, but also fit my personality and my unique rainmaking style. I can be myself and still be a successful rainmaker! I now have the roadmap on how to successfully identify client opportunities, connect and build relationships with prospective clients, and ultimately transform those relationships into actual business. And it works as just last week I got a matter from a new large corporate client!”

Partner, Am Law 100 Law Firm | London, UK



Work with a coach one-on-one on your individual goals & leverage the wisdom of your colleagues in group coaching sessions.


Experience award-winning legal business development curriculum via over 55 short and action-packed video lessons.


All program details in one place: schedule, assignments, video training, session recordings, tools, and much more!


  • Discover your natural rainmaking style and learn how to leverage it effectively so you never have to feel salesy or pushy

  • Implement a more strategic approach to business development so that you can stop wasting your time on things that don’t work

  • Learn new and effective ways to expand business from existing clients

  • Develop specific follow-up strategies for your contacts, including what to say, when to follow up, etc.

  • Become more disciplined and proactive in your business development approach

  • Develop an effective BD system (including tools) to regularly use to develop business

  • Learn from the collective wisdom of your fellow group members and your coach about what actually works and what doesn’t in law

  • Get specific ideas on how to improve the quality, caliber, and size of your professional network

  • Uncover your critical areas for development and set clear goals

  • Get strategic shortcuts to influencing your contacts more effectively

  • Learn how to leverage your natural strengths and overcome your “blind spots” to develop business more effectively

  • Work on your individual business development goals in a one-on-one setting with your coach

  • Develop and implement practical action plans every month with the support and accountability from your group members and your coach 

  • Get proven, time-tested business development strategies from the online video training curriculum

  • Create a clear and workable strategic plan that you can execute consistently

  • Develop your rainmaking roadmap for the future to stay in action and continue getting results long after the program is over







“This BD program is excellent.  It focuses on practical, manageable solutions.  With our coach’s help, I have made positive changes to the way I think about, approach, and execute BD.  And those changes have already yielded business development results for me.”

Anthony Califano, Esq, Partner | Seyfarth Shaw LLP | Boston, MA

Interested to learn more?

Sign up to schedule a Zoom call to learn more about the program structure and curriculum, experience program’s online Portal demo, get information about program tuition, and more.

And if you are a law firm talent development or marketing professional looking for effective BD programming for your partners, get in touch with us to learn how you can bring this program to be led internally for a group of your firm’s partners.

Why can’t I just enroll in the program without having to talk to someone?

The program is as successful as it is in part because each person in your group will be hand-selected. We do not enroll everyone, but only those attorneys who meet the criteria to actually be successful in this type of program. 

In other words, we know we are not a fit for everyone, and everyone is not a fit for us.

This extra layer ensures that every group is perfectly matched based on the participants’ levels of experience, commitment, and goals. It helps create the most productive and supportive environment for growth.

“I was looking for some direction in my personal business development activities.  I was 13 years out of school, with really no business and only minimal history of bringing in a case or two over the years, and a jaded view of flying off to events, schmoozing, and hoping somehow business would result.  The program was a total game changer.  I learned a ton about many different ways to build key relationships, not just locally but also nationally, to sharpen my focus with regard to identifying potential key relationships, and how to harvest these relationships without compromising my character or really deviating at all from who I am.  I have since brought in about 12-15 new matters (ranging from minor to pretty significant) from about 4-5 distinct referral sources.”

Partner, Top Labor & Employment Law Firm | Miami, FL

“But I Didn’t Become a Lawyer to Be a Salesperson!”

If this is one of your predominant thoughts, then this program might not be for you. 

Attorneys who are most successful and achieve the best results in this program decided that having a solid book of business will allow them to have the freedom, financial independence, and professional success that they want and deserve.

These lawyers approach things with an open mind and are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve their business development goals. 

If the latter sounds like you, sign up below to learn more about the program. We look forward to speaking with you!

“This is a wonderful, comprehensive business development program that includes both group and one-on-one coaching. This program is hands-on and practical and offers real-world solutions geared toward individualized business-development styles. I hope to continue with this program long into the future.”

Katherine Mendez, Esq, Partner | Seyfarth Shaw LLP | Chicago, IL

“This is by far the best business development program that I’ve ever attended! What I love about the approach is that it’s very practical and concrete. I did not just learn “about” business development best practices. Together, we developed specific strategies that were directly applicable to my contacts and opportunities – how to approach someone, what to say, how to follow up, etc. I feel so much more clear and confident about my business development process and am excited to have generated several new clients as a result.”

Partner, Am Law 100 Law Firm | Washington, DC

“I walked into their business development training “blind”, so to speak, and after having experienced the solid rainmaking curriculum and coaching, now I can see.  The sessions are high impact, game changing learning experiences for lawyers like me trying to effectively broaden my network and generate business.  I am thrilled to have just brought in new business representing a Fortune 500 company in several matters!”

Craig Salner, Esq, Partner | Clarke Silverglate | Miami, FL

“About a year ago, I was offered a tremendous opportunity to open and lead a new office for our firm. As I began to tackle this enormous task, I quickly realized that growing our client base for the new office would be my top priority. This program has been tremendously helpful. Since I began, my business development approach and, more importantly, my results have completely transformed! New matters are coming in and we were able to hire more attorneys to grow the office. I seriously could not have done all this without all the eye-opening and heart-opening advice and support. Thank you!”

Partner, Am Law 200 Law Firm | Orange County, CA