Ready to invest in your people? We can help! We’ll start by assessing your talent development needs, then determine success metrics, design powerful programs, and ensure successful implementation through coaching or training.



Get set up for success through insightful online assessments and objective feedback.



The best athletes in the world have coaches that help them go farther faster, so do the best professionals.



Embrace new knowledge through interactive virtual and in-person training programs.




In order for any organization to thrive in today’s competitive market, it must have effective leaders in place at all levels. But the skills to be a successful leader are different from those to be a high performer. Our leadership development coaching programs are specifically designed for forward looking organizations and firms that want to remain competitive and attract the best talent by proactively developing their people to lead with confidence, while developing a pipeline of future leaders.

  • Mindsets, traits & habits of successful leaders

  • Influence / executive presence

  • Working & leading across multiple generations

  • Leadership training for practice group chairs

  • Visioning & alignment

  • Talent retention / employee engagement / motivation

  • Improving organizational culture


The more senior professionals become, the more important becomes their ability to effectively manage their people and the flow of their work. We help professionals transform into more effective people managers and become more productive (and more profitable as a result!) by helping them learn new mindsets, adopting empowering behaviors, and overcoming personality and productivity barriers with our non-traditional, creative techniques and solutions.

  • Managing others (managing up, down, and across)

  • Managing competing priorities / productivity

  • Productive conflict / managing difficult personalities

  • Delegation / supervision / accountability

  • Providing effective feedback
  • High-performing team dynamics


Utilizing practical strategies, behavioral science and transformative coaching techniques while following a comprehensive business development curriculum, we help lawyers create a platform for developing business at any level of seniority using their Natural Rainmaking Styles. They will get concrete, effective techniques, set specific goals and create the accountability they need to move their business development efforts forward and expand business for the firm.

  • Mindsets, traits & habits of star rainmakers

  • Effective networking & relationship building

  • Savvy & subtle self-promotion

  • Mastering the “ask” / attending pitches / closing deals

  • Effective cross-selling

  • Business development planning


It is common for professionals, executives and business owners to feel frustrated by the never-ending demands and exhausted from trying to juggle them all. There are proven tools and strategies to boost resilience and improve performance and productivity to create a life with less stress and overwhelm and more focus and happiness. Our programs utilizing brain science discoveries, mindfulness techniques, and other powerful approaches that help professionals improve their sense of well-being and achieve peak performance.

  • Discovering and maintaining the state of “flow”

  • Resilience / mental toughness

  • Emotional intelligence / self-awareness

  • Managing stress and excess pressure

  • Growth mindset / continuous learning

  • Utilizing mindfulness & meditation techniques

  • Maintaining mental health


A common misconception is that people challenges in multinational environments arise from language barriers. But this is only one element that contributes to potential misalignment, misunderstanding, conflict, or inefficiencies among multicultural team members or when working across borders. Today, career success depends on each professional’s ability to interact with, manage, lead and do business with people of different cultures, whether in their own country or abroad.  

  • Gain understanding of cultural differences & their impact

  • Effective cross-cultural communication

  • Resolving intercultural conflicts

  • Leading multi-cultural teams

  • Doing business across borders

Our Firm invited LeadWise Group to lead a program at our annual associate retreat. Our attorneys gained valuable and practical strategies to identify key relationships and grow their networks. This program did a great job providing actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application. We received a lot of positive feedback and we plan to build on the concepts in our future programming!

Elizabeth Brady Murillo, Esq., Director of Professional Development | Burns & Levinson LLP

Since we started our work together, my business development approach and, more importantly, my results have completely transformed! I am really busy with billable work and have had several new matters in the door (3 referrals just today!). I seriously could not have done all this without Yuliya’s eye-opening and heart-opening advice and support. Thank you!

Partner, Am Law 200 Law Firm

Airbus Latin America & Caribbean hired LeadWise Group to lead our team booster retreat to further strengthen our successful and internationally diverse team.  The program was customized to meet the specific goals of our team members.  The interactive sessions brought the team closer together and the programming on interdepartmental communication was particularly impactful in providing practical tools to bring meaningful value to the entire team.

Rafael Alonso, President | Airbus Latin America & Caribbean