Leadership and management skills coaching helps AmLaw 100 partner grow her practice and achieve promotion to equity

Background & client challenge

The Client is an AmLaw 100 law firm that was looking to help one of its high-potential non-equity partners.

This partner had a sophisticated transactional practice. She was frustrated that her practice was not growing at the rate she expected. She believed it was because she did not have a solid team of associates to do the work. Things were falling through the cracks, and she felt that she couldn’t rely on her team. Instead, she was constantly putting out fires herself. She’s been an income partner for about seven years at that point and was ready to be promoted to equity. 

Why the client chose LeadWise Group

The Client was looking for an experienced executive coach who would understand the challenges of running a busy legal practice and be able to offer coaching and guidance that took into account the realities of practicing law an AmLaw 100 firm.

For over a decade, LeadWise’s mission has been to help lawyers increase their leadership effectiveness and become more self-aware, powerful, and authentic versions of themselves by adopting empowering behaviors, and overcoming personality and productivity barriers. We utilize a transformative coaching approach with the main focus of helping lawyers become aware of their key development areas and transform their mindset, actions, and outcomes. We equip lawyers with practical strategies and proven techniques taking into account their unique personality styles.

All of our coaches are former practicing lawyers who are intimately familiar with the intricacies of managing and growing successful legal practices in BigLaw. They are also experienced coaches credentialed by the International Coaching Federation.

Solution: Individual leadership coaching program

The partner was enrolled into a six-month individual leadership development coaching program. The program included a DISC Personality Profile assessment, individual coaching meetings, and leadership development curriculum. 

Results achieved

After 6 months of working together, here is what the partner reported: 

“Things are moving extremely well. The team is working like a well-oiled machine. My associates are busy full time and are doing great. I am very happy. What’s made the biggest difference is me learning to let go a little bit more, but also being a lot more clear about what I want and what’s expected of my team. I also stopped fixing things myself; instead, I take the time to explain what needs to be done to correct it and let my team work on it. I feel that I became very effective in managing people and my projects and am excited to have three more large projects in the pipeline. I feel more confident, empowered and in control by getting this opportunity to dedicate focused time and energy to approach my practice from a more strategic perspective!”

The partner was promoted to equity partnership within the year after completing the coaching engagement.


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