Business development coaching program helps a group of AmLaw 100 firm partners achieve six-figure growth

Background & client challenge

The Client is an AmLaw 100 law firm with close to 1,000 lawyers across 17 offices, providing advisory, litigation, and transactional legal services to clients worldwide.

The leader of one of the Client’s largest practice groups was looking for a solution that would help its mid-level non-equity partners improve their business development results. Each of the partners was identified as high potential and in line for promotion to equity partnership, provided they demonstrated they could develop a certain amount of business for the firm.

Why the client chose LeadWise Group

The Client was looking for a hands-on practical solution that would adequately address the needs of its very busy partners, while helping them achieve tangible results.

LeadWise bases its programming on a unique legal business development methodology, which incorporates its proprietary 7-Figure Business Development Framework and is rooted in helping attorneys identify their natural “rainmaking style” and the “buying styles” of their contacts. This approach allows attorneys to create a personalized rainmaking system that leverages their natural strengths, emphasizes the “give-to- get” mindset, and focuses on strategic relationship building through personalized high-touch outreach.

Solution: LeadWise Group’s RainMasters Program

The Client enrolled eight partners into LeadWise’s RainMasters Program – a group business development training and coaching program specifically designed for law firm partners.

Results achieved

All partners have reported achieving significant financial results, including six-figure increases in their books of business, and markedly improving their business development skills.

To read the full Case Study, click here to download the PDF report. 


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