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Business development coaching program helps a group of AmLaw 100 firm partners achieve six-figure growth


Leadership and management skills coaching helps AmLaw 100 partner grow her practice and achieve promotion to equity



Business Development Coaching: 

“I would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend the RainMasters Program to others. This Program is by far the best business development program I have attended. The Program is unique in its focus on personality types and on practical, realistic business development steps that one can easily take to improve one’s business development results.”

– Partner, AmLaw 100 firm

“As a result of my participation in the program, I was able to:

  1. prioritize how I spend my business development time to focus on those business development activities that are most likely to yield results;
  2. develop and implement a practical, workable business development process that I use to engage in business development activities at scheduled times throughout the week;
  3. bring new work from existing clients; and
  4. bring in a new client to the Firm this past week.”

– Partner, AmLaw 50 firm

“This program is excellent for anyone looking to play to their strengths in BD and being more intentional / thoughtful about their approach. Our coach was very good at helping us to look at our own styles, and understand the styles of others, then finding ways to use that knowledge to develop business in a more comfortable way.”

– Partner, AmLaw 100 firm

The program approaches business development in a way that I hadn’t previously seen. It was very effective. I am busier than ever. I am getting more ongoing work from two of my best origination clients, and my internal visibility at the firm has appreciably increased, resulting in more cross-selling opportunities. My origination credit is the highest it’s been from sustaining clients (as opposed to clients with more one-off engagements). Thank you!”

– Partner, AmLaw 100 firm

Training Programs:

“We were looking to put on a kick-off program for our local Women’s Initiative group that would inspire our women lawyers to ongoing action. The program delivered was very well thought-out and it was both inspiring and practical filled with tips and strategies that our lawyers can implement immediately. The examples and case studies were relevant and on-point, reflecting the realities of the daily pressures women lawyers face and they offer real answers and solutions. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the program from our attorneys who felt energized, uplifted and motivated to implement new strategies to take greater ownership of their success.”

– Partner, Practice Group Chair, AmLaw 50 firm


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