Business Leaders Roundtables

Leadwise Business Leaders Roundtables are virtual, complimentary, invitation-only events for senior corporate managers and leaders. The Roundtables are not webinars; they are designed as conversations and exchanges of ideas among peers. Participants will have a chance to share their experiences and crowdsource ideas and solutions to their most pressing talent, leadership, and strategy issues.

The Roundtables are not recorded for public distribution, creating a confidential environment where participants can safely explore both their challenges and opportunities. Following each Roundtable, participants will receive any materials used during the meeting.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

2 PM Eastern | 1 PM Central | 11 AM Pacific

Virtually via Zoom

When Cross-Departmental Conflict Stalls Progress: Strategies to Reduce the Costs of Internal Friction

Are you tired of your team members getting stuck in a cycle of misunderstanding and ineffective cross-functional collaboration? Join this discussion as we explore the core issues caused by poor inter-departmental communication, including the inability to manage across teams, push back constructively, and effectively influence others.

Join your fellow senior managers and leaders as we dive into real-world examples, like the age-old conflict between operations and sales, and identify practical leadership solutions.


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